Celebrity Photo Booths We Love!

Feeling iffy about getting a photo booth for your wedding or even any event you’re hosting? Take a cue from some of your favorite celebrities who have the most fun at photo booths.

Photo booths are affordable because you can rent them easily without worrying about going over your budget. You can even go for classic designs or customize them to add as many personal touches as you want. This will make the memories you make with the photo-booth even more priceless!

Weddings, birthday parties, launches, bridal and baby showers, you name it, celebrities are on it! When you have millions of followers on Instagram and need to keep your feed fresh and relevant, taking unlimited photographs is a great opportunity for free publicity!

Here are some of our most favorite photo booths at celebrity parties!

Taylor Swift

Hate her or love her, you just can’t deny, no one throws a party like Taylor! For years, we’ve seen America’s sweetheart dividing people on team Tay or team Nay, and for her extremely elaborate and fantastic photo booths.

Swift’s most iconic photo booth moment has to be for her goddaughter’s baby shower for Jaime King, which was full of color and host to some of the hottest stars including Gigi Hadid.

Jennifer Aniston

Future brides, you don’t have to think twice about getting a photo booth at your wedding because our favorite Friends star had one for her guests. While she and then hubby made sure guests didn’t bring phones to their surprise wedding, they had a photo booth ready in the backyard so that all their celeb friends could make many memories.

Smart move on her part because no one from the public has seen her wedding photos, which means she could have her wedding all to herself.

Kim Kardashian

Kween of parties and setting trends, Kim Kardashian always has a classic photo booth which is mostly black and white. To maintain secrecy at her wedding as well, phones were not allowed at the wedding, but the photo booth pictures of A-List celebrities started surfacing soon enough!

Even Khloe and Kylie have kept this family tradition alive by making sure all their guests at the party get a photo op that’s going to go viral at some point or another.

Are you planning the next big event in your life? Take inspiration from your favorite celebrities.

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