3 Ways to Plan a Successful Halloween Party This Year

The chill in the air, the whiff of pumpkin spice and the sound of boots on the sidewalk are all indicators of fall.

Soon it’s going to be October and we all know what that means; it’s time to break out the Halloween decorations!

Whoever tells you it’s never too early to start your Halloween preparations clearly does not appreciate the importance of frightening your guests at the best Halloween party.

If thriller is not just a pop hit for you, but a way of life, then you will find the following tips for throwing the best Halloween party this year very useful.

Make sure guests wear a costume

It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a party for children or adults, costumes make everything more fun.

If you want, you can narrow it down to a theme so those confused about what to dress up as have some direction. Some cool theme ideas include puns, once upon a time, favorite television show character, stranger things etc.

However, keeping it open ended allows more creativity. Have guests parade or walk a runway to showcase their creative outfits. You can follow this by announcing the best dressed person at the end of the night.

Customized food  

A potluck is the easiest way to ensure the responsibility of food is equally distributed. Also, you’re going to have a lot more variety and options for your guests. You can even make starter platters and have different appetizers rotating so that it’s easier to refill them.

If you’re expecting children, then healthy snacks like fruit platters are a good idea to balance out the candy overdose from all the trick-or-treating!

Haunted Photo booth

The best way to make your party more interesting is to have a customized photo booth rental and then make it haunted! You can prank your guests and boo them with the booth easily. Here’s how you can do that:

      1. Make a creepy backdrop with plenty of props that you can easily tweak and that can pop out any time and capture the look of surprise on whoever is in the booth.

      1. Some photo booths allow you to have customized backdrops on a green screen with digital overlays. You can choose to play a scary video like a zombie scare to pop up as soon as guests click.

      1. Add sound and have a witch’s cackle or scream play in the background at different time intervals.

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