Let’s face it, we all love taking pictures, whether it’s on our smartphones or courtesy of that one DSLR friend we all have.

But when you’re throwing a party where the stakes are high, everything needs to be perfect—right down to the selfies.

Given the selfie revolution, this should be easy, right? Think again!

The number of choices out there for photo entertainment these days makes it likely that you’ll experience analysis paralysis when you’re trying to pick the best one.

If you’re stuck in this loop, here are three tips that can help.

Consider The Theme Of Your Event

When selecting photo entertainment, it’s important to consider the theme of your event and decide what will go best with it.

For example, a fun, themed party could always use a little jazzing up with a fun photo booth or a ‘selfie box.’ Moreover, memorable moments can always be brought out at a corporate event with a selfie magic mirror, and something portable like a ring roamer will help catch all kinds of beautiful photos at a private party.

So pick something that sits well with the theme.

Weigh The Pros And Cons

Even if a certain kind of photo entertainment feels right to you, there are always cons.

Make sure you go over all your options one by one and weigh the advantages and the disadvantages. Factor in portability, whether the event is indoors or outdoors, the nature of your event, and if your choice of entertainment resonates with your audience (read: something they’d be willing to try).

Photo Entertainment

Are Indoor/Outdoor Options Available?

This is a question that a lot of people forget to ask.

If you’re planning an outdoor event, make sure you factor in the availability of your choice of photo entertainment.

Another point to keep in mind is the time of day. Some photo entertainment options need special arrangements if they are being used during daytime or outdoors because of all the light; for example the Ring Roamer.

Did These Factors Help You Decide?

Jazz up your party with a giant snow globe, bring out the colors with a greenery wall, or set up one of our themed photo booth rental Boca Raton to make an event as memorable as you can.

We hope these points have helped you come to a decision about the choice of photo entertainment you want for your event.

We make parties fun for clients in Boca Raton and Palm Beach. Here’s what we offer. For more information, call us up today at 844-427-POSE for affordable photo booth rental West Palm Beach.