Fun Photo Booth Props For Weddings and Birthdays!

A photo booth without props is doable but feels incomplete! Props are a great way to add life and character to your photographs. Plus, they make it less awkward to pose!

Props are an excellent way to emphasize the theme of your event or include all your favorite things to the photo booth experience. For example, if you’re planning a Baby Shark Themed birthday for your toddler or hosting a milestone birthday for your grandparents, props will be very useful to highlight that.

Don’t hesitate to personalize a photo booth because it’s a great way to make it more special for your occasion. Facing a creative block? Don’t worry!

Here are some fun photo booth props for all kinds of events which will make your photo booth stand out!


One of the most memorable events in your life that you can prepare for well in advance is going to be your wedding. And making memories on this day is every couple’s top priority. A photo booth helps bring all the guests together and keeps them busy while the newlyweds take a minute to spend some time together with each other.

Celebrity cut-outs

This looks super fun in a booth because it’s the best way to have a celebrity crush your wedding. If there’s someone in particular you and your husband are obsessed with, get a larger cardboard cutout and place it in the photo booth so guests can pose with them.


You can even get a whiteboard with markers and have guests write whatever they want to personalize your photograph. They can write messages for the happy couple which they can read later or just your wedding hashtag.

Face Accessories

You can have large glasses with the words bride, groom, bridesmaid or groomsmen shaped for your friends as well. Other funky glasses add a pop of color and look super fun in photographs!

Birthday Party

You don’t need an excuse for a photo booth at a birthday party. Whether it’s a first birthday, sweet 16 or 60th, bat mitzvah or even a Quinceañera, here are some fun prop ideas.

Number balloons

There’s no birthday without balloons or cake, and one of them needs to be a part of your photo booth for sure. Get big number balloons for the birthday person’s age and place them in the backdrop so that they are a part of each photo. You can even get balloons with letters that spell the birthday person’s name!

Theme props

A Star Wars themed birthday is the excuse you need to have lightsabers! They make great props and you can play with them after as well!


Hats of different shapes are ideal because they look like costumes and can also emphasize your theme. You can have a cowboy hat for a toy story themed birthday or graduation hats for a graduation party.

Choosing props is easy when you know what kind of booth you’re getting.

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