Snow Globe

State of the art attraction, world’s number one snow globe, it will be the only original one (JBL)in the area owned by a business not an attraction park or else.

JBL Globes are the best snow globes in the world, Disney and Universal Studios use their globes, and for all the floors of Bloomingdales in New York last year.

JBL Leisure are well known for their original patented Snowglobes as featured on the BBC 2’s “Dragon’s Den” in 2010.

The JBL Snowglobe is solidly constructed and is leagues ahead of its competitors in both safety and enjoyment,

The JBL Snowglobe now sold in 34 different countries world wide, operating in hundreds of shopping malls and has been featured widely in Film and TV.

JBL snow globe steel base and design is what makes it safest snow globe in the world, other copy snow globes are cheap made, using a bouncy castle style inflatable base, as they are not allowed to use JBL patented or registered designs or safety systems, These giant snow globes(china made which all photo booths rentals in florida offer) are not very stable, and look cheap, as they do not use high quality PVC material. JBL snow globes looks like glass. Its crystal clear, the others look created like poor quality polytene.

JBL Giant Snow Globe come with world famous JBL Globe Snow, a world brand product. Its like having real snow, It floats around using patented airflow system throw a handful, or let it blow around you and fall onto you, JBL snow globes come supplied with an auto snow system, so it snow inside.

You can rent the snow globe all year around as We can customize any backdrop and personalize every thing. Great for any event, party, Halloween, grand opening. You can put a car in it.