A Valentine’s themed event is the perfect celebration to bring people together especially since 2020 will see an increasing number of people willing to enjoy it this time around. With more people willing to buy gifts this year, they’re bound to be even more excited to celebrate love at an event dedicated to Saint Valentine himself.

This is a golden opportunity to throw an absolute mind-blowing event with lots of fun activities for couples. Some fun event ideas include exclusive wine and chocolate tasting for couples. You can also have a couple’s themed carnival to invoke a nostalgic spirit in all your adventures.

Whether you want to go big with a masquerade ball or have a fun theme-park event with a Ferris wheel and games, a photo booth will be a fantastic addition. Keep your event open to everyone, and who knows, two people might fall in love at one of the photo booths!

Here are a few more reasons why a photo booth rental at your Valentine’s themed event is a great idea!

A photo booth is perfect for memorable proposals

If you’ve been waiting to pop the question on the most romantic day of the year, a photo booth is the perfect place.

Imagine your partner walking in to take photographs only to see you bent on one knee (or however you want to propose) AND you get to capture the whole thing in snapshots one after the other!

There are so many different things you can try out all in the intimate space in the photo booth with just the both of you together.

Gives you the privacy to make lasting memories

A photo booth is an intimate space you can share with your loved one to help the both of you capture your time together as a couple.

Hosting a Valentine’s Day event means making sure there are plenty of activities that are perfect for couples.

You want to make it easier for them to be as cute and romantic together as possible.

Versatile backdrops and personalized photos Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Photo booths are extremely versatile and let you have all kinds of backdrops that transform the photo booth space and complement the theme as well.

Plus you can have a trending hashtag for lovesick couples to get your event trending. It’s also super easy to share the photographs and happy memories that couples make on their social media.

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