3 Events That Absolutely Need to Have a Photo Booth

Photo booths have been around for quite some time now and are still the highlight of any party.

If you’re in search for reasons to get one at an event you want to host very soon, there are plenty.

Reasons to get a photo booth


      1. They are cheap. Renting a photo booth is hassle free and doesn’t cost too much. It can help you save on a photographer for an event.

      1. Since all the photos are either saved or printed immediately, it’s up to you whether you share them or print them out and let guests keep them. You always have access to them and don’t have to rely on a photographer to edit and send over the shots ages after your event is over.

      1. They are super fun and can bring people together at any event.

      1. It helps you add a personal touch to your photos and set your event apart from the rest.

      1. Which events could use a photo booth rental the most? Here are some ideas for your big hosting debut!

    A Wedding

    With ample space for multiple people to group in for a picture, photo booths are very convenient at a wedding. Guests can take as many shots giving the bride and groom plenty of time to spend a few moments together before meeting the guests. You can add as many props and have fun memories to look back on.

    A milestone birthday

    Whether it’s a paper, silver or golden anniversary celebration for you or your loved ones, photo booths let you be creative. You can add customized backdrops that go with your theme, and even have props with the hashtag or label of the event. It brings more attention to the person being celebrated and will make them feel special. This works with bridal and baby showers as well.

    Corporate events

    If you’re launching a brand, photo booths are a great way to spread publicity for the event or product. Some photo booth styles have the option to share the photos instantaneously on social media. It is also a great networking opportunity for different people to come together and take pictures together. Moreover if you’re hosting the event, it’s one less thing for you have to worry about because a photo booth attendant will help you take care of the entire process.

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