3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Photo Booth Rental

Having a photo booth rental at your wedding, birthday or any kind of event is a great idea! Your guests will have the opportunity to stay engaged in an activity without you putting in a lot of effort.

Photo booths are very easy to manage, because if you’re renting it, the company will come and set it up for you. And then you and your guests can use it to take an unlimited number of photographs throughout the night.

If you have never had a photo booth rental or used one, here are some fun ways to make the most of it!

Choose the right photo booth

Most photo booth rentals offer multiple options for a range of set-ups. How do you know which is the right set up for your event? Here is a simple guide to the set-ups available at The Selfie Photo Booth.


      • Magic Mirror:This is an innovative and technologically advanced photo booth. It uses a touch based, and relatively easier to use touch screen interface and comes with a floor length mirror. The best part about this photo booth is that it comes with glamorous lighting to make you feel like a movie star.  You can get an instant print of your picture and keep it as a souvenir!

      • Ipad Selfie: Customize your digitized photos with a logo of your event and the date. You can even use this photo booth style to make spontaneous boomerangs, edgy animated GIFs, videos and more. You can share them instantly to yourself or with the event hashtag on your social media to get it trending. You can even utilize the green screen feature to go Hollywood!

      • Vogue Booth: This booth is futuristic and glamorous at the same time. It’s perfect for space themed or back-to-the-future themed parties. Feel like a fashionista or a super model, walking in this neon lit photo booth and get loads of Instagram-worthy pictures!

      • Snow globe: With the JBLS snow globe, you can have the most elaborate and festive photo booth made of high-quality, clear glass. We can personalize the backdrop to anything that goes with your theme so that you can use it all year round. A snow globe can be turned into a galaxy, fortune-teller orb, animal farm theme and many other exciting backdrops.

    Customize Your Photo Booth Rental  

    The most fun with your photo booth will be when you personalize it and make it your own. For example, for a wedding photo booth, you can include the timeline of events of how long the couple has been together or even their initials. A backdrop of flowerbeds or with silver tinsel tends to make all colors pop. With a green screen feature, you can choose anything and change the backdrop frequently.

     Let Guests Take Pictures as Souvenirs

    If you want to create a buzz about your event and make sure it’s a night that everyone remembers, then a keepsake is a great way to do that. Letting guests take their pictures home will let them hold on to the memory of attending your event or party and encourage them to come again.

    The Selfie Photo Booth is private rental service which offers multiple photo booth options at reasonable rates. For backdrop rentals and photo booth rental for all kinds of events in South Florida, contact us!