3 Unique Themed Parties That Need a Photo Booth

Party planning can be super fun especially if you’re a detail-oriented person. Ask any party planner and they will tell you how important a vibrant and fun theme is to the overall experience of an event.

This holds true for all kinds of events, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary or even a corporate event.

One way to set your party apart and make sure it’s trending on Instagram is to have a photo booth. Your guests can take pictures with plenty of hashtags and market your party planning efforts, free of cost!

What themes work best to make sure you have the hottest party in 2019? More importantly, what themes work best with a photo booth? Here is a list of ideas you can personalize and take inspiration for your next hang.

Hollywood: Red Carpet Galore

Sometimes, we all wish our lives were cinematic and at a Hollywood themed party, you can let your guests be stars for the night. Set up a red carpet themed photo booth or one with a Hollywood sign backdrop to add a bit of southern glamour to your Florida party. With some features, you can add the flashing paparazzi effect and make guests feel more special.

Check out the iPad Selfie Booth for an amazing open air photo experience with customized and digitized photos. We offer some of the best iPad Selfie booth rentals in Florida, complete with additional features like videos, gifs, Snapchat props and the option to upload images and videos directly to social media accounts and share them via email. You can make your evening more memorable and truly unforgettable!

Fashion Week/Runway

Secretly, we all love pretending like we’re walking the runway in America’s Next Top Model or in fashion week in our bedrooms. Why not unleash the fashionista inside you with all your closest friends for a night?

Channel your inner runway model spirit and celebrate your diverse bodies, styles and wear the most outrageous outfits you can think of! You don’t even need designer clothes; just wear your best thrift shop purchases!

Practice your smize and make Tyra Banks proud in our exclusive Vogue Photo Booth with the most futuristic light tunnel. Capture your craziest moments and all your high fashion looks in this booth designed to give you photo shoot vibes. Personalize it with flashy lighting sequences and a killer playlist to make sure your guests have a blast.

Masquerade Ball

If you were obsessed with Cinderella story back in the day, your fascination with masquerades and mystery and dressing up is completely justified. The best part about this theme is that it’s not limited to any age group. Adults can have fun with it just as much as kids. Not only does it involve lots of costumes and elaborate get-ups, you can play with a specific color theme as well.

For this, we recommend the selfie magic mirror rental Florida where all your guests can take selfies as masquerades and ask guests to guess who’s behind the disguise. It can take the costume masquerade experience to the next level. At only $799 is can help you keep your party planning budget as minimal as possible.

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