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Capture Unforgettable Moments

An Audio Guest Book allows you to capture Authentic and Unfiltered Voicemail Messages at your wedding, party, or milestone event.

Our Audio Guest Book for weddings is the best add-on for any event, you can rent our guest book with one of our booths at your wedding. It’s an awesome way that gives your loved ones the chance to leave you a heartfelt message after the beep. HOW NEAT!

After your big day, we will send you every single voice message that was recorded as its individual voicemail “as both an audio file or a video file”—those voicemail messages will be great to listen to with family and friends. Agreat memory keepsake!

Personalize Your Memories: Audio Guest Book

Our Audio guest book will allow you to record your own message that you’d like your guests to listen to before the beep!

Our timeless 1970 rotary phone design will have your guests wondering, giggling, and talking about the experience for days!

Audio Guest Book is not only limited on weddings! the sky is the limit, give us a call and have us think outside the box for you!

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