4 Ways Renting A Photo Booth is Better Than DIY

Having an open air photo booth is the most fun way you can make your party memorable. But you don’t want people remembering it for the wrong reasons, for example a DIY photo booth fail.

This could end up disappointing a lot of people, because photo booths can be the life of the party!

Also, it could be the only way you document your entire event, and it can be hard to make up for it at the very last minute.

A photo booth is not something you should risk anyway; renting one is always the smart option.

Here are all the reasons that a rented photo booth makes your party more fun.

Photo booths come with responsibility

Operating a photo booth is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be both technical and hectic. You need to make sure all the pictures are being saved and uploaded and all the props are being managed.

We at The Selfie Photo Booth offer delivery set up and pack-up services for all our photo booth rental. This way you can be stress-free on the day of your big event and manage your work accordingly.

Social media sharing is easier

All our photo booths save your photographs from the event on an online drive which you can easily access.

You also have the option to upload pictures directly on a social media page for the event so that there is live coverage as it happens.

A DIY booth makes it more difficult for you to manage how accessible the photos are to everyone who attends.

Better photo quality and quantity  

You can’t guarantee that a DIY photo booth will give you amazing pictures. With a rented booth, the results are always the same. You can view past clients who have opted for the booth and shared pictures and see for yourself.

When you want to make memorable moments, you don’t want them in blurry selfies or shots that have bad lighting. Especially if you want a photo booth at your wedding, you need pictures that will last a long time.

Plus, you can take unlimited photos and delete the ones you don’t like!

Stunning backdrops

Reduce the effort you have to put in setting up the booth on the day of the event, because we offer custom backdrops and templates as well. You can make your photo booth as unique as you want without breaking bank on making a backdrop from scratch.

Make your events like weddings, birthdays, reunions in Delray, Fl a night to remember with our affordable photo booth rental Fort Lauderdale. Contact us at 844-427-POSE for more information.