3 Types of Photo Booths You Never Knew You Needed for Valentine’s Day

The invention of photography was perhaps one of the single greatest inventions by humanity.

With the ability to freeze moments of happiness and joy, it allowed us the opportunity to celebrate every moment whenever we want—as if some part of our joy was caught in the picture. Now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, few moments come around that you should immortalize than celebrations of love with your partner and loved ones.

If you’ve planned out parties to celebrate the Day of Love, you should consider a photo booth to capture these moments in crystal clear quality. A photo booth represents an opportunity to relive those beautiful moments that are rare in a time like ours.

The Selfie Photo Booth was created with just that intention—that we present a service that lets people make the most of those beautiful moments they share with their loved ones. Be it family or your significant others—we believe that no Valentine’s Day is complete without you making records of the fun you had and the love you share.  That’s why we’d like you to consider some of our photo booths for your Valentine’s Day parties—here are some options that you’d like:

1. The iPad Selfie Booth

If you’re thinking of a massive party or an event with a huge guest list, then this is the iPad photo booth for you.

The booth allows you to take customizable selfies, make videos or boomerangs with your loved ones and share them immediately without holding up the line.

You could add some Valentine’s Day props or customize it according to a Valentine’s Day theme.

2. The Selfie Magic Mirror

This is some pretty neat technology with an easy-to-use touchscreen that makes it easy to take pictures.

It’s fast, delivers high-quality images, and comes with a floor-length mirror to make sure that you look your best—bonus, the booth is attached to high-power LED lights to make you look and feel absolutely fabulous.

3. The Vogue Booth

The Vogue Booth, as the name suggests, basically tells you how you’d look on the cover of Vogue.

Inspired by the 2016 Met Gala, it makes you look like the next rising supermodel or fashionista. It’s perfect for themed gatherings and infuses an undeniable sense of glamour to your pictures.

Can’t decide which photo booth to go for? We can help! At The Selfie Photo Booth we have all kinds of affordable photo booth rental Fort Lauderdale for your event in Florida. Contact us at 844-427-POSE for more information.