Why Getting a Photo Booth for Your Grad Party is a Brilliant Idea

At the moment, you feel like you could conquer the world!

You’re graduating from college after all, and stepping into the next phase of your life. It’s also a scary thought, but you know you’re going to do great. That’s why, right now, all you want to do is party. And we know the best way to make your graduation party memorable!

Plan the Perfect Graduation Party

Your party already has everything you need—the people, the food, and the entertainment!

But what you probably haven’t thought of are mementos. Sure, you’ll have plenty of selfies with friends to look back at fondly. But they won’t feel special.

This is where we can come in handy!

Rent a Professional Photo Booth!

Don’t settle for Uncle Bob’s camera set up on a tripod with a bedsheet tacked to the wall!

This is a milestone, so having a photo booth is justified. Rather than having substandard, shaky photos, a photo booth gives you the chance to choose from a number of styles and features. You get to play with props and take part in the latest trends—all while being sure that the pictures will be high-quality.

Moreover, there a ton of novelty features, like mirror photo booths! That’s not something you can DIY.

Our selfie photo booth gives you the perfect environment in which to take beautiful pictures, without having to worry about angles or lighting. The photo booth is designed to provide you with the perfect conditions!

Get Creative!

The great thing about our photo booth rentals is that you get more than just a space to take pictures in.

We provide unlimited photos, standard backgrounds—or custom backgrounds for a low price—an online database so all your images are backed up, watermarks for your events, and more. We even guide you on the best props for your pictures.

Help at Hand!

And if you ever require some assistance, our professional attendant is always at hand. The Selfie Photo Booth’s representative directs your guests on prop suggestions, poses, how the machine works, and controls the crowd.


In the end, you get everything you need.

Wonderful pictures commemorating the start of your new journey, and professionally designed, fun features that you don’t have to manage!

So, don’t wait! Contact us today at 844-427-POSE for any questions you may have, and book a photo booth for your grad party. We offer our photo booth rental Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, among other locations in Florida!