5 Ways to Stir Up Some Fun at Your Masquerade Party

You’d think that the masquerade part of your upcoming masquerade ball would be enough on its own!

After all, everyone’s dressed to the nines, there’s plenty of good food to go around, and there’s the mystery of it all: the masks! With music a-thrumming and beats a-beating, what more could you ask for?

As it turns out, a lot more!

Take away the mask, and your masquerade party just becomes a gathering of friends, only with a better dress code. And this gathering can quickly become boring if you don’t add some fun elements to take the festivities to the next level.

So if you’ve got money to spare, here are five things you could add to your masquerade ball to make it all the more memorable!


Carousels aren’t just for kids! Especially if you’re going all the way with your theme, a merry-go-round is the perfect fun element to make your party a big hit.

A timeless amusement ride that brings out the kid in everyone, carousels not only keep people interested, but they’re also the best part of the celebration for many!

Photo Booths

You can’t really go wrong with a photo booth! Sure, it takes away from the mystique of it all, but disguise the camera right, add pathways—like a portal to another dimension—and your photo booth becomes a crowd-favorite.

Chic and easy to use, photo booths offer plenty of options in terms of designs, features, and backgrounds and more, so you get to customize the booth as you want. If it’s a corporate masquerade ball, you can add your branding to it! Our mirror photo booth is the most popular choice for most masquerade balls!

Tarot Card Reader

Crystal balls, palmistry, tarot cards—a look into the future! Tarot card readers or palmists are a staple for many masquerade balls, and are easily available through most event planning companies. You can either have them wander around the venue or give them their own decked-out stations where they can look into people’s future. The choice is yours, or is it fate?

Face Painters

If you have kids coming to the party, a face painter is a must. A good choice for most family-friendly events or outdoor events, face painters can use their skills to give them a touch of mystery, as well as paint animal faces or designs. For the adults, they can paint on designs to take the person’s costume to the next level. All you have to do is exercise your creativity!

Snow Globe

Got money to splurge? You could always book our inflatable snow globe rental Florida and have performers be showcased inside! A great idea if you have a group performing already, this feature can be used as a showstopper for your masquerade party!

The fact that it adds an exclusive element to your celebration as well is only a bonus!

Have You Decided?

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And don’t hesitate to ask about our custom services. We’d be happy to help you make your masquerade party a celebration that people will rave about in the years to come!