How To Use a Photo Booth as Part of Your Marketing Activation Campaign

Brand or marketing activation is the latest trend in numerous marketing campaigns and brings attention to the product. The point is to create more awareness about it and to have consumers engage with a product by experiencing the brand.

Whether you’re rebranding or introducing a new brand in the market, with the right campaign, you can make an impact on how it’s perceived. The goal is to increase your outreach and to touch multiple bases. 85% people believe that attending a live marketing event significantly impacts whether or not they will buy the product.

Photo booths can play a very important role in making sure that the campaign is interactive with the right social media forums. It also puts the “touch” theory in practice whereby it takes seven touches for a prospective customer to make a purchase. The touches can be manifest in the physical for example in a product launch or they can also be visual. How many people saw your social media posts and how many likes and shares did you get?

Let’s talk about how photo booths can help you accelerate your campaign and make it successful.

Makes it possible to share the experience

Photo booths can help give people content that they actually want to share. The pictures are great for amplifying your own social media presence. You also have the option to share gifs, and videos along with aesthetically pleasing photographs.

People are also more likely to share things that they think will stand out and they have a nice experience with. This will help initiate a referral marketing program of sorts and generate more buzz around your product.

Create a buzz with a hashtag

You can customize the photos to include a hashtag for your campaign so that people can include it when they share their images. You can also include it in the backdrop and with fun props that people can use to really get the message across.

Collect data

The photo booth becomes a great tool for you to generate data about your product and to quantify the experience people had. You can easily check engagement and data analytics numbers in your logged in social media accounts. You can also visit the gallery and check how many people liked and shared your photos.

Attracts the right attention

Let’s face it; photo booths are fun! They attract all kinds of crowds and can pique curiosity as well. You can use it to get people interested and then work on making your campaign more successful and interactive so that you have comebacks. Pick the right photo booth Boca Raton and make it happening and people are bound to follow.

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