Make Your Holiday Parties Stand Out with These Simple Tricks

Whether it’s throwing the official holiday party for your company or an intimate gathering for your friends and loved ones, you want to make sure it’s the one even that stands out this year.

A holiday party is all about festivities and activities that bring people together and have feel-good vibes for all the attendees. From making sure you send out invites well before advance, and arranging the best venue for the event, a lot of planning is involved.

Also, there are a lot of fun loving people who want to throw events this time of the year, so make sure your party is the talk of the town.

How to make that happen? That’s where we help you out! Here are a few tricks to make sure your holiday fiesta trends this season:

Skip the buffet

The number one thing you want at a party is for people to mingle and socialize without the pressure to force conversation.

While a carefully crafted guest list is the key, the arrangement for dinner tables plays a huge role too.

Avoid buffet style serving and opt for lounges and high tables so people can have easy-flowing conversation.

You can even have passing hor d’oeuvres especially if it’s a black tie event, before you serve the main course. This way people have time to get to know each other and no one feels awkward or left out.

Secret Santa Activity

Encourage an exchange of gifts with all the attendees by planning this activity before your event.

This works best with the people you work with or even your personal group of friends.

Assign pairs of people as Santa and their respective gift recipient and give them a week’s notice to bring a gift to the party. Since this is anonymous, the day of the party can be a big reveal for who your Santa was!

Fun for all themes

Who says a holiday party can’t be assigned a specific theme as well? This year, take the lead and bring a twist to your party décor and invites. You can have Gatsby themed cocktail party or a snazzy black tie event.

If it’s a party at your house, maybe make it a character dress-up event. Ask your friends to come dressed as their favorite Christmas movie character or jingle.

Memorable party favors

Send off your guests with style by handing out memorabilia from the event itself. The more personalized your party favors, the more nostalgic it is. It’ll also help people recall how much they enjoyed your party.

Don’t want to add the extra effort? Choose a photo booth rental with a festive backdrop so that your guests can take as many pictures as they want all night!

Add a hashtag for your event with the date to show up in all the prints and let guests take their favorites home.

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