The Perfect Backdrop for Your Photo Booth!

Photo booths have made a massive comeback in all kinds of events. With revivalist trends emerging and the 80’s magic spreading everywhere, the classic and techno photo booths are a must-have at all parties.

Whether you want to stick to retro themes, or looking for a more futuristic look, the backdrop can make a huge difference. With the right color, pattern, theme you can add so much more life to your photos. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your creativity flow and stand out from the rest!

Here are a few suggestions for your photo booth rental backdrop, so you can dazzle and shine.

Glam out with sequins

Whether it’s with tinsel or sequins, a bit of sparkle and glamour can instantly change the kinds of photographs that come out in your photo booth. These are great for all kinds of festive occasions because they attract attention and brighten up your pictures.

You can even customize the colors to complement the overall theme. The best colors are silver and gold because they help make other colors pop. If you have a particular color coded dress theme then you can make sure the backdrop is more metallic.

Go funky with patterns

Patterns are great to play around with because you get to choose multiple colors. If you have a black and gold themed midnight masquerade, a pattern backdrop adds more dimensions to it. It goes with your theme and also doesn’t look as basic as a plain, solid colored backdrop would look.

You can even get custom patterns printed. Some popular choices are gold honeycomb, black geometric and more. Check them out on our website!

Go Hollywood with a green screen

A green screen backdrop lets you do whatever you want in multiple shots! This works best with an iPad Selfie mirror booth because you can add different filters and features to it. It’s perfect for birthdays, parties and especially Halloween! Make it as scary as you want and your guests will have fun spooking one another.

Floral wall background

This is a classic wedding photo booth backdrop but can also be used at other more formal events. It acts like a decorative piece while simultaneously serving as your backdrop for your pictures. A popular choice is to get the couple’s initials embedded into the arrangement if it’s for a wedding. You can customize this with personalized floral arrangements.

Looking for more ideas? We can hook you up with the coolest backdrop rentals Florida for your next event! Also check out our affordable photo booth rental options for all your events in South Florida. Contact us at 844-427-POSE.