3 Ways to Personalize Your Photo Booth

The evolution of photo booths throughout the years has been remarkable. From a simple coin insert booth to the elaborate designs trending at parties and events today, there have been considerable improvements in the design and function.

Personalizing your photo booth makes the photographs even more meaningful for you and your guests. A photo booth is tons of fun and can be very spontaneous as well. Everyone wants to jump in the photograph or photo-bomb one! A lot of people actually break the ice by taking pictures together and make memories out of them.

Here are some fun ways to personalize it for your next upcoming event so your event stands out from the rest!

Get special props that have a story behind it

Taking pictures together can be super awkward, especially for people who barely know each other or camera shy folk. Props are very useful in giving people something to do with their hands.

Even better are props made out of things that everyone can relate to! If you’re having a famous television show themed party, you can have props that are from the show. For example, a Stranger Things themed party can have props that are inspired by the 1980s.

You can even have different props like foam fingers, a large Polaroid cut out, and other quotes for example, the hashtag of the event. This will help create more buzz about your event. You can even get speech bubble cut outs which allow guests to write their own message.

Get custom effects in the backdrop or digital overlay

Custom effects are very simple to achieve, all you need are digital overlays or even filters that can turn ordinary photos into something a normal photographer won’t be able to capture. Choose a digital overlay that plays over GIFs or pictures and represents the theme of the party.

The kind of backdrop you choose can also make a monumental difference in how the pictures come out. For example, sequins backgrounds appear more festive and add pizzazz and are ideal for wedding photo booths and other textured backdrops also give room for you to play around. Monochromatic themes like black and white also work best. Kim Kardashian’s birthday parties for Kanye West almost always feature a black and white photo booth.

Choose a versatile photo booth

Photo booths come in different designs and styles. Some have green screens and can allow you to do much more digitally with little effort on your part. You can leave it to the rental company to customize it for you.

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