Backdrop Ideas for Valentine’s Day Photo Booth

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of days away, you really need put some thought into how you can make your celebrations memorable for all the attendees.

 If you’re stumped about what can separate your parties from everyone else’s, here’s a suggestion— rent out a photo booth. Photo booths have made quite a comeback over the past couple of years, and nothing says romantic like a cute photo of you with your loved one, standing in a quaint booth— but with insane picture quality.

Nostalgia and romance go hand in hand—which is why getting a photo booth might just be that one addition that will take your parties over the top. With the sheer amount of customization options and the available technology, these booths can be glamorous, fun, and romantic.

Of course, you can’t just choose any photo booth for your celebrations—you need the right backdrop to set it off. Here are some ideas you can consider as backdrops for your photo booths this Valentine’s day.

1. Paper Cut-Outs

The best relationships are those that come with zero complications—they’re simple, easy to understand, and easy to follow through with. Why not bring that out with a simple paper cut-out backdrop which draws attention to the love-birds rather than the flashy backgrounds. These backdrops are classy, give the couple room to shine, and show the world exactly who they ought to be looking at when they look at the pictures.

2. Monochromatic Backgrounds with Popping Colors

Alternatively, you could try playing around with the color schemes to make your backdrops Valentine’s Day –worthy. Think of black and white patterns interspersed with pink and red—monochromatic backgrounds with a splash of joy that doesn’t hurt the eyes, but does full justice to the international Day of Love.

3. Animated Backgrounds

We do a lot of customizable photo booths at the selfie photo booth. If you want to go futuristic or funky, we can get that done. Give your guests the option of customizing their pictures using our iPad selfie booth or the full-length mirror booth by introducing Valentine’s Day themed animated backgrounds.

4. Maybe Some Flowers?

Whoever says that floral patterns are too clichéd for Valentine’s Day doesn’t know what they’re talking about—nothing says I love you than flowers gifted on Valentine’s Day. Maybe add that floral element to the backdrop to your photo booth and let the lovers have their moment in front of a dazzling array of brightly colored flowers to add some color to their memories.

Can’t decide which photo booth rental to go for? We can help! At The Selfie Photo Booth we have all kinds of affordable photo booth rental Fort Lauderdale for your event in Florida. Contact us at 844-427-POSE for more information.