Valentine’s Day in 2021

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world, and it’s around the corner!

This year valentine’s will be different but let’s think positive, it will be different in a good way, maybe less crowds, less running around, and more on how to enjoy each other company in the comfort of our homes. It’s a day for everyone not only lovers, you love your kids, you love your pets, you love your parents and most importantly you love YOU!

Celebrate Yourself, show yourself some love, when you love what’s within, you will love everyone around you and you will be happy to share that all the time.

If you have someone special in your life make sure to put in your best effort to show Him/Her your romantic side, spend uninterrupted time together, turn off your phone, turn off your brain, and just enjoy each other, keeping in mind social distancing and staying safe.

Remember what your partner love, you know your partner more than anyone else, surprise him/her with something you know that will excite them, think outside the box, order something online, support a local business.

Be creative to spice things up, explore outside your habits, here is some ideas you can do together
keeping your distant from everyone while having the best time:

1. Make a homemade pie together with one of you blindfolded while the other person gives instructions by leading with their hands, it could be lots of fun, also makes you trust each other more.
2. A tasting contest with a glass of wine.
3. recreate your first date, or better call your grandparents, ask them about their first date and recreate that.
4. or maybe go for a walk in the park and go on the swings.Talk very little and explore the silence.

Now, if you are enjoying the day alone, celebrate being hot and single, treat yourself to a spa or a long bubble bath while having a glass of wine and listening to your happy music, Yoga, or sing out loud, Don’t ever feel alone, you never know some people get lucky on that day.