4 Class Reunion Ideas with a Super Fun Photo Booth

Planning a high school reunion can be overwhelming and super hectic when you have to juggle your family and work commitments.

If you were class president or volunteered to organize the event, there are a lot of expectations that people have from you as well.

Even though social networks are easy to trace because of Facebook and other social media sites, making sure the event is a success is a tall order. The first thing you should do is make a committee of people so you can divide tasks easily.

Once you finalize the date of the event, plan a day of nostalgia and fun and send out invites. One thing that’s a must at such an event is a photo booth.

You had it at all your dances and homecoming events, and it’s mandatory at a reunion. This can be a great way for all the attendees to reconnect with their old friends and people they lost touch with.

Make the photo booth personal and even more exciting with these simple tips!

Blast from the past

Dig up the yearbook and invite people to recreate their favorite pictures from back then.

It can be a class photo or individual shots, and with the right props, people can have a great time stepping back in the past.

You can have a green screen backdrop and edit pictures later to post on the event page!

Titles and giveaways

A fun photo booth prop will be a chalkboard where each person can write down the role they played in those days. Were you the class clown? Did people vote for you as most likely to succeed?

Maybe you were head cheerleader or class president. Own your title and proudly take a picture.

It’s super fun to compare where you are from where you thought you would be:

Arrange a Scavenger Hunt!

Get people to mingle with a fun and simple game that’ll help them reconnect. Give people scenarios to recreate by taking a photo with them in the photo booth or find the person who did the following things:


      • Started their own company

      • Married their high school best friend

      • Moved abroad

      • Moved to a different city

      • Won an award

      • Got a PhD

    Whoever gets the most can win the reunion award!

    Make custom props

    Your highs school mascot, band costumes, pom poms, musical instruments are all great ideas for props that mean something to your class. People can hold number signs of the year they graduated and other memorabilia to relive old times.

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