Photo Booth Ideas for a Super Bowl Themed Party This Sunday!

Whether a family get together on Super Bowl Sunday has been a long standing tradition, or you want to start one, a party is a great idea to kick things off (pun intended)!

There are many things that make watching Super Bowl exciting and fun. You could be a huge football fan, or appreciate the stellar entertainment at the half-time show, or you could be in it just for the commercials.

This time around you can add a photo booth to the mix for a whole lot more fun and frolic at your super bowl celebration. It’s great entertainment as well as the perfect way to capture memories on this momentous occasion.

Here are some fun photo booth ideas to make your super bowl party a hit!

Custom backdrops

The backdrop of your photo booth rental makes your photographs come alive.

A bright and textured backdrop will help make the football theme pop.

You can choose from any of our wide selection of backdrops to showcase a football field or even a stadium.

Get your photos to trend with the right hashtag

Some of our photo booth rental options allow you to play around with personalized templates.

You can choose to follow color themes of the team you’re supporting and even add a hashtag to trend your photos on social media.

Props galore

Props are a great addition to any photo booth and make your pictures more fun. It’s also way easier to pose with a prop which makes them even better.

Some popular photo booth prop ideas include:

      • Speech bubble cut outs that say “#1 Fan” or the name of the team you hope wins.

      • Helmet shaped cutouts or bring out your old football gear and wear it!

      • Pom-Poms: You can be the best cheerleader and bring it on with lots of team spirit with full-sized pom-poms or tiny pom-poms on sticks.

      • Bring your favorite celebrities and football stars in the mix with large cut outs or feature them as stickers in any of our photo booth rentals such as the iPad Selfie Booth or The Selfie Box.

    Touchdown poses

    Touchdown celebrations are legal again and you can celebrate that with some super cool touchdown poses. Strike one with your friends or imitate your favorite players to get the most Instagram worthy shots.

    We can help you make your super bowl party a success with our affordable photo booth rental Fort Lauderdale. Contact us at 844-427-POSE for more information on the top photo booth service Florida!